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Our Soybeans

Pond Seed Company provides the highest quality soybeans on the market.  We know you'll find what you need here for all your needs in our challenging North-western Ohio soils. 




RUR2 Descriptions


A great standing line with wide plant type. Fills out 15" rows like a pig in Yoga pants! Nice fit in a 7.5" too. It has the RPS3a with EXCELLENT field tolerance of 1.3 Was a yield winner in 2017 and regularly beats the full season soybeans on yield. At maturity you will notice a delightful gray and tan finish to a perfect season. Perfect fit for wheat and barley planting.


The 32R2Y4 is a proven line in every location. Great on tough ground and fills out the row nice. Excellent eye-candy for the "persnickety" landlord plus the yield you can only dream of if you grow other companies soybeans. Table-top level across the field and tough on disease. Just like you would expect from Pond.

GT Soybean Variety


This is a GT line that goes anywhere and feels right at home. Fits all row types with a medium plant height. Features the RPS1k gene and gray straw with tan pods. It’s prettier than a peach at harvest time. You might think we are going "Old School", but don’t let this GT line fool you. If your weed control system is in good shape, this sweetheart can
save you some input $ and yield out of the park!

GT Variety Description
XTend Variety Descriptions

Xtend Soybeans for 2019


We have refreshed all but 1 line of Xtend Soybeans for next year with some amazing results.  We have went from pretty neat to utterly amazing when it comes to yield on these new lines.  Many lines boosting a 5-7 bushel yield advantage over previous lines.  So let’s have a look.



Matures about 20 minutes earlier than our 26RY2 but averages 3.3 bushels better in our testing. It’s nickname is the “Beast of the East” and carries dual PRR genes of Rps1c and 3a with incredible tolerance, early vigor, and strong emergence. Features a rock star 74% win rate and near perfect zero for green stem at harvest time.



This will be a “Big Acre” release as it has excellent scores on SDS, SWN, and PRR. Top Seeded pick to win in all Elite testing in this maturity range. Stands like a Redwood tree and takes a beating just for fun. Showing an average 5.0 bu. advantage over P93Y05.



This line seems to be getting better every year. Remains undefeated in IN/OH against 33T72R. Perhaps the meanest bean in our lineup that fits any soil type. The sweet spot of maturity in our area is a 3.3. Over a 10 year average, this maturity range makes you more money than any other. The 3301 should be your big acres variety! Dries down like a 3.2 at harvest.



Perfect fit for us OH/IN Xtend folks. Works well in environments with lighter soils or "high" ground. We like this line better on stress then the popular 3.5 line that everyone else has. Can lodge in better soils with high populations. Averaging 6 bushels over P93Y40 & P93Y22.


Our new 3801RX Xtend is the perfect bookend to BIG Yields on your farm. For those that want to GO LONG, this was the #1 line in 2017 in our testing. Excellent on Frogeye and P.R.R., medium tall in height and fills out the rows as a bushy plant type should. You definitely need some acres here!


Liberty Link GT27 - New for 2019

Brand new for 2019 is a very unique herbicide trait cross containing resistance to common name herbicides like Roundup Power Max and Liberty.  There are several generic herbicides that fit here as well.  Experience excellent weed control, excellent genetics, & no set-back spray requirements on your farm. All from a leading edge company right in your back yard.

The LibertyLink GT27 system combines all the power of LibertyLink technology, supercharged with enhanced weed control and cutting edge yield.  Weed Control programs for the LibertyLink GT27 system are based on non-volatile chemistries and low drift risk to minimize off-target concerns for peace of mind.  Liberty and glyphosate come with fewer application restrictions on buffers, rain, wind, time of day, and date for easier weed management.

Created with high-yielding elite genetics, LibertyLink GT27 soybeans will give growers exceptional performance coupled with outstanding weed control.  LibertyLink GT27 soybeans will be the first soybean technology enabling both Liberty and glyphosate use over the top.


Medium-Tall, light tawny/tan with well rounded defensive package. Very high tolerance to BSR & SCN. Yield Star at 106% of test avg. Strong line favoriting the East topping Indiana Trials at 109%. Beats the LL match-up on average by 2.5 b.p.a.


A WIDE Plant type that is “da bomb” in 15”, but plays well in 7.5’s too. Emergence is quicker than Trump can slam on a trade embargo. Beats all straight LL lines in it’s class 3-5 b.p.a I realize it doesn’t have a P.R.R. gene, but this soybean treated with our Lumisena with give you the protection you need for big yields in our soils.


A popular maturity for the clean-up hitter in your line-up. Eastern favorite on yield with a smokin HOT 115% test plot win rate. This sweetheart killed it in Indiana at 118% in 2017 Elite data. Another perfect line for our Lumisena Seed Treatment package. Great scores on BSR & SCN to roundout this AllStar Performer.



Top-performing LibertyLink® in the early group 3 maturity range. Sharp looking variety at harvest with a Grey/Tan apperance. Wide adaptability for all soil types and yield environments. Excellent Phytophthora tolerance for wetter-prone soils. Also strong SDS tolerance. Dependable, high performer with multi-season consistency. I really like this
line on BSR,SDS, and SWM. Will perform well on your farm and fits the sweet spot of maturity.


High yielding and won’t disappoint. Excellent plant health and defensive package. Bush-type branching with strong ratings for standability. No watchouts with this line; a MUST PLANT for LibertyLink® growers. This line matures on the early side of a 3.6 and can consistently deliver a Grand Slam. Out yielding many 3.7-4.1 maturties. Excellent on
Emergence in our touch ground. The 36LL01 is the Grand Commander of Liberty Link Lines.

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